Product overview

Commercial products

Lessons learned from dolphins

The S2C (Sweep-Spread Carrier) technology, developed after eight years of extensive studies into the physics of dolphin communication, mimics dolphin sound energy patterns to deliver acoustic signals even in adverse underwater conditions.

Based on S2C technology, the R series Underwater Acoustic Modems provide reliable full-duplex digital communication and support multiple data management options along with addressing and networking. The R series offer multiple configuration options to best-fit any application scenario.

To target the size- and weight-sensitive applications, the S2C M-series offers the full benefits of the S2C technology in a light and compact design.

Precise tracking and reliable communication

A space-, time- and cost-saving solution for multiple subsea applications, the R Series USBL Underwater Acoustic System is an underwater positioning and communication device that combinies the tracking and navigation functionality of a USBL transceiver with all the benefits of an S2C technology full-duplex communication link.

Both features complement each other in a fully integrated system. Positioning data is calculated simultaneously with acoustic transmissions, so there is no need for switching between positioning and communication modes.

Advanced Hydrographic Survey

Sonobot is a lightweight unmanned surface vehicle for hydrographic surveys, research or surveillance. Capable of both autonomous and remotely controlled operation, this fast and maneuverable USV is a great cost-effective solution for bathymetry and seafloor imaging in hard to reach or dangerous locations.

Research and Development projects

Lessons learned from nature

Constant innovation is the backbone of EvoLogics technologies, and the team has collaborated with multiple international research and development projects.