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S2R-WiSE Series

S2CR White Line Science Edition (WiSE) series of underwater acoustic modems offers an open environment for network protocol developers, providing a flexible framework for testing new network protocols on real hardware - the new S2CR WiSE acoustic modems facilitate an embedded developer sandbox of up to 32 GB. The EvoLogics WiSE toolchain allows to build custom firmware modules for S2C modems and opens endless opportunities for new implementations.

All S2CR WiSE modems provide a preinstalled NS-2/NS-Miracle - an extended version of the popular network simulator that supports simulation of TCP, routing and multicast protocols over communication networks. Without rewriting the code, existing NS-2 network protocol scripts can now be run directly on acoustic modems, making S2C WiSE a time- and cost-effective hardware solution that does not require additional coding and eliminates the need to interface each node of the test network to a dedicated host PC with NS-2.

Implementing the patented S2C technology, the EvoLogics WiSE modems offer all the benefits of the main EvoLogics S2CR modem range. S2CR WiSE modems are available in a variety of configurations to suit a wide range of application scenarios.

R Series WiSE

S2C Emulator

The S2C emulator a new tool that offers more flexibility for underwater network protocol developers and end-users of EvoLogics underwater acoustic modems and positioning systems.

A real-time emulator of the S2CR-series underwater acoustic modems, this tool is aimed at optimizing underwater network protocol development by taking out expensive modem hardware from the early testing stages - it emulates all features of the modem's data-link layer protocol and includes a simulator of the physical layer protocol.

Any code, written and run on the modem emulator, can be later run on the actual modem hardware without any modifications, offering a time-saving solution that minimizes development costs for upper-layer network protocols and simplifies integration of EvoLogics devices into underwater infrastructure.

A network of virtual underwater acoustic modems, configured and run on EvoLogics server, can be accessed remotely and provides a hardware-free framework for development and training.

The emulator is now also available as a standalone device: the S2C Emulator Box that does not require network connection.

  • Enables to test new underwater network protocols and/or application solutions without underwater modems
  • A time-saver for code debugging and refinement
  • Supports several virtual modems at once
  • Offers the freedom of working over remote access
  • Solutions, designed and tested with the emulator, are easy to export to modem hardware

S2CR WiSE Underwater Acoustic Modems

Device Application
S2CR 48/78 WiSE High-speed device for short-range applications in shallow waters
S2CR 18/34 WiSE High-speed device for medium-range applications in shallow waters
S2C mounting frames EvoLogics S2C mounting frames are intended for proper mounting of S2C devices and offer additional protection against mechanical damage for the fragile components of S2C devices.

Configuration Options

  • WiSE Toolchain: uClibs library, GCC(C, C++) compiler, GDB degugger
  • Housing: Delrin (high-grade plastic) or aluminium-magnesium alloy
  • Interface: RS-232 (RS-485, RS-485 optional) and/or Ethernet
  • Wake Up Module to save battery power: "wake up" the device only when needed.1
  • External power supply or an internal rechargeable battery pack
  • OEM versions available for easy integration

Unique applications might require additional customization.
EvoLogics experts are always ready to address any special requests.

1The Wake Up Module monitors both the RS-232 host interface and the acoustic channel and turns the device on when incoming signals are detected.
To reduce overall power consumption, the acoustic channel is monitored in an on/off toggle cycle of active and idle intervals.