Projects overview

Research and development projects

Lessons learned from fish fins

The BOSS Manta Ray AUV is developed within the framework of Bionic Observation and Survey System, a Europeran R&D project

Studies conducted on the nature of the fish fins, has resulted in a patented FinRay effect. The shape adaptive form of the FinRay effect can be used in a wide range of applications.

The FinRay form elements in combination with positioning system from the S2C modems and innovative mechatronics has yielded the award winning “Manta Ray”, an advanced form of autonomous underwater vehicle that propels itself with a natural movement of “fins” for use as noiseless monitoring system. Other applications include shape adaptive grippers and body hugging seat backs.

Lessons learned from bird flight

The revolutionary design of propellers is based on extensive study of the vortexes created by bird’s wing tips in motion. The traditional design creates mini tornadoes in their wake which takes time to die down, results in noise and lowers fuel efficiency.

The new design is a modern, scientific, out of the box thinking into a very traditional design of propellers.

Intelligent control

EvoLogics has designed robots that use fluidic muscles with large pressure capacity and ability to perform almost human like actions. By supplementing this with creative mechatronics, EvoLogics continues its research into new innovative robotic performance.

This innovation can be combined with other advances for application in underwater robotics for operations like rescue and recovery.