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Bionic Robots


In collaboration with the TU Berlin and our industrial partner FESTO, a torso of a humanoid robot was constructed on a 1:1 scale with a total of 48 pin joints (degrees of freedom), emulating the mechanical and functional spectrum of a human arm and hand.

Pneumatic or fluidic muscles serve as powerful, ultralight actuators and as flexible energy storage at the same time, enabling flowing and elastic movements. The "tone" of the fluidic muscles is adjustable, so that motions like relaxed swinging or swaying or powerful yet precise movements can be performed.

With a data suit and remote control, it can be demonstrated how simply man and humanoid could interact in the future. Fluidic muscles can also be driven by water, providing possible applications in marine technology.

At EvoLogics, implementations like manipulators with human-like hands for rescue and recovery tasks as well as for special operations in the deep sea are envisaged, possibly as a master-slave combination with S2C data telemetry.